Best Way to Earn Money Taking Online Surveys in Nigeria

Best Way to Earn Money Taking Online Surveys in Nigeria

I will need to admit to the fact that taking paid surveys online is one of the easiest ways to make money online and it is pretty much opened for every country of application.

So, In this guide, I will be sharing with you all the best practices for taking paid surveys in Nigeria and of course beyond Nigeria.

It is almost natural that Nigerians are likely to face some problems with online survey companies; so I will be taking my time to explain them in this detailed guide.

The internet is richly packed with several opportunities to make money. But, if you’re not well guided, you may be making several mistakes in exploring those opportunities ad you might finally fail.  


First things first, those who might not have prior knowledge as to what online paid survey is all about, I’ll go basic with explaining this.

What is paid online survey?

This is a form of online questionnaire that participants complete and get rewarded for through an incentive package (cash or gift cards).

There are many survey sites on the internet; however, there are a few things you must bear in mind before even thinking of registering with any of them.

I have worked with several survey sites so I think you might need to hear this from me.

Without taking a proper care of your interest, you might end up completing surveys and not getting paid. 

This is something I’m sure you’d not want to experience.

So, here comes in handy what you should look out for first before registering for an online survey.

Check for reviews by trusted review websites

One thing you must know is that several survey sites on the internet are really a scam.

This is why we recommend you go for a true review before signing up for anything yet.

You can make use of this website: to check for real reviews of almost everything on the internet.

We suppose it’ll be wise to always check for reviews before thinking of registering with any site that uses your personal data for one reason or the other.

The good thing about the internet is that it can provide you with all the information required to avoid fake websites.

Let’s say I’m about to register with a site recommended to me by a friend, the first thing I’d do would be to Google the term “site review” or “is ‘site’ legit?”

If you can’t get sufficient information about that site, then it’s better not to register with it in the first place or you look for other results from other review websites on the same subject as everyone’s views about something cannot be the same.

Besides checking for reviews, you must also take note of certain things. Legitimate survey sites are free to join. 

In other words, it is one of the ways to make money online without investment.

Bearing that in mind, if you come across any site that requires that you pay certain amount of money register or to take surveys, then it’s highly likely to be scam.

Register with several survey sites (Ultimate earning secret)

Now this is what I call the king strategy when it comes to making money online taking paid surveys. This can earn you as much as $500 monthly if you registered with several survey websites.

You know that taking paid surveys is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. 

But the fact remains that many Nigerian companies have yet to fully embrace the concept of paying for customers’ feedback.

Let’s take Mobrog, one of the world most popular survey sites, for instance. 

For research purpose, I opened two Mobrog accounts

One for UK and one for Nigeria.

The UK version got survey invitations almost every day; while the Nigerian version got invitations only once in a week and sometimes once in two weeks.

Another thing I noticed was that the incentives for both countries was comparably miles apart. I’m sure you know the one with lower incentives (Nigeria).

All these issues pose huge limitations for anyone looking to earn more than just beer money.

Like I said, it was for research purpose. It’s not permitted to have two accounts with the same site; neither is it allowed to take UK surveys while in Nigeria.

Hey! But you could use a VPN service to do that. Mind to know how? Contact me.

If you do that, your account will get banned and you may end up losing all you worked for.

The best way around this is to open as many accounts as possible with different websites.

Check for payout options

There are tons of legit survey websites on the web. 

But unfortunately, not all of them accommodate Nigerians.

Some sites allow Nigerians to register but only payout with PayPal. And, unfortunately, PayPal does not allow Nigerians to receive money.

Hey! But you could use my Professional service to do that. Mind to know how? Contact me.

If you register with such a site, you will end up not being able to withdraw whatever money you earn.

PayPal is not the only payment option on the web. There are several popular alternatives to it like payza or skrill.

The best thing to do here is to register with any survey site that pays out with other options available in Nigeria aside PayPal (This isn’t possible to find so I suggest you use my professional service for USA paypal creation. Just contact me and get it done).

Have you a good internet connection

From my observation, most survey websites are quite large, so you need to have a good and steady internet connection.

Apart from the platforms being large, some surveys might require only a few participants. Responding to email notifications as quickly as possible will ensure that you don’t miss out.

I compiled a list of five survey sites Nigerians can make money with.

I hope this guide was able to provide all the basic information you need to get started.

Wrapping up

Get yourself a good VPN service 

Taking online surveys in Nigeria can be a little messy considering the fact that you might only get few survey requests daily or weekly and the payout for each of the surveys completed is quite low and as such, you will need to use a VPN service to register for online surveys and get as many surveys as possible and also make a very good payout from them.

You can contact me to give you a hand on this if you ever find it difficult.


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