How to Get Approved For Ad Network with As Little As 10 Visitors Daily


I know this heading got you wondering how possible is this, but HEY! Its 100% possible but the only question here should be how.

This we are coming to discuss in due course.

Several persons have tried getting approved by Google AdSense but this seems to be a very not accomplishing dream for several bloggers and as such they choose other ad networks of which is the best of their choices to be made.

Equally, has their own restrictions to bloggers as it is being said that every good thing is not easy to come by.

Sometimes, the restrictions place on their ad network approval seems quite a bit confusing and more difficult than AdSense.

This is simply because, AdSense doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement but does have a minimum traffic requirement from bloggers to get approved into their program.

Note: we always write according to our own personal experience and we never share what we haven’t used. can be a very lucrative ad network if you have good number of traffic coming from the USA, UK, Canada and some other EU countries and this is why they find it quite seemingly difficult to approve websites in Nigeria and several African countries.

But Hey!

We got you a breakthrough.

Have you been trashed by Google AdSense and seeking a very soothing alternative?

Are you starting up a new blog and seeking a very good way to monetize?

The above questions got answered in what we will share with you today.

Today, we will be sharing the detailed procedure to get approved by ad network even if you’re getting only 10 visitors to your website daily.

So let’s get to our detailed guide about this.

Note: Please we will not be writing a full guide about creating a wordpress site as we presume you’re already anexpert at that. So we will be dropping just few steps you might need.

If you never knew about wordpress, then refer here!

Get a good host and Create a wordpress blog

We seriously urge you to get started with hostblast as their hosting package is quite cheap and highly affordable for beginner bloggers with their least package priced for $0.50 monthly with 100% uptime and service.

Now, isn’t that awesome?

Now, when you buy a domain name with hostblast, you will be presented with a choice to choose a domain name of your choice.

And here is where the magic happens.

Make sure you choose a .US domain name as your domain name.

Of course we shall get to why you shouldn’t choose a .COM domain name here while making a domain name choice.

Setup your wordpress website

Here you have to setup your wordpress site perfectly and install the necessary plugins you will need such as:


Yoast SEO plugin

And several other plugins of your own specification.

You can equally design your website through this source as it is also combines with the website setup and then proceed to the final step.

Go to your webmaster tool and setup Google search console

While on the webmaster page, setup everything and also the sitemap and index your website perfectly.

The trick side is when it comes to the international targeting, here please; choose the USA as your target country if it is not setup by default.

When this is done, then click on finish and you have your wordpress website setup perfectly.

Now, criteria’s you will need to meet before you applying for ads network

Make sure you have at least 10 visitors from USA and from search engine or Facebook daily

Make sure your domain name is 3 months old before you apply for ad network

Have a good website design with a very fast loading theme (I can give out mine if you wished to have it just contact me)

Make sure your website have the basic configurations a website should have and also make sure it is visible to search engines by typing site:

Keep your website tags and Meta tags perfect and have a well-structured domain redirection

Now when these criteria’s are met, what’s next?

You can now apply for ad network and see how swift your approval will look like. This method will get you approved in three days or less.

Now lets talk about the reason I stressed on the .US domain name

The .US domain name will enable ad network see your website in a different light as it contains a preferred country domain name extension  and this will trigger the approval rate for your website.

Secondly, this will allow your website focus its traffic in the USA and as a result of your webmaster settings, your website will have a very good traffic from the USA and you will get approved as a result of this.

So I presume this was quite simple than you actually thought it was gonna look?

So can we wrap up?

Using can fetch you better income than AdSense as this will enable you earn money even when your visitors arenot clicking on ads on your website.

They do enjoy and pay more for traffic coming from the USA, UK, And Canada and as such the .US domain name will do really well for your website.

If you have any questions about, you can ask us as we can help you analyse everything you need to analyze here.

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