How To Permanently Decrease Your Google Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR)


Quick headstart: It kinda sucks to see a blogger who doesn’t use Google Adsense to monetize telling you what to do and what not to do with Google Adsense but guess what?

I use Google Adsense 100% in this website but through Adsense Arbitrage.

Hope I got your attention now?

Mind if we proceed to our todays write up?

Google Adsense program is fun to earn with but when we speak of the rate at which our visitors do click on ads in our websites, this can be very disturbing considering the fact that it is a huge factor towards Google Adsense ban.

Though in most cases but not in all cases.

With this being the case with several Adsense publishers, they try to seek ways to decrease their Google Adsense CTR (Click through rate) but this issue can be very delicate to handle as it is that several pro websites haven’t taken out time to treat this very serious Google Adsense issue.


Right here in todays article, we will be sharing the two most distinct and simple tweaks that will reduce your Google Adsense CTR just in matter of a second.

But before we go into details, consider this:

Have you always seen websites that monetize with Google Adsense?

If yes two things are involved.

  1. One with too many Google Adsense ads on it
  2. One with sparse Google Adsense ads in it

For websites with too many Google Adsense ads in it, there will be a very high CTR unless one thing happened which is;

You do not have much web visitors/traffic.

So in general terms, websites with too many Adsense ads in it tend to be websites with little or no traffic.

That’s the fact.

Speaking of websites with sparse Google Adsense ads in it, it simply means that such website is trying to decrease their Google Adsense CTR and as a result they placed their ads in lesser areas.

So in general terms, websites with little or sparse Google Adsense ads in it tends to be websites with huge traffic.

Fact also.

So from this we can affirm to the saying by a prolific blogger (Harsh Agrawal) that;

Making smaller income through Google Adsense with equally a low CTR on ads is better than facing Adsense ban as a result of high CTR.

Sorry for drifting away from the main topic for discussion today but I got to let certain things explained perfectly.

So let’s get down to the business of today

We have only two and most effective ways of permanently reducing the CTR of your Google Adsense ads and they are discussed below.

Get your Google Adsense ads CTR decreased in two ways.

Reduce the placements of ads in your website

I know we all are trying to make money through Adsense no doubt.

But what if you caused yourself more harm while trying to do good?

Let’s assume you have ads displaying in every nook and cranny of your website, why wouldn’t you experience high Adsense CTR.

So effectively, to reduce your Adsense CTR, you have to bring down the areas which ads show in your website.

If you happened to have Adsense ads displaying in 9 places in your website, limit it to 4 places and watch your CTR go down in matter of minutes or hours.

If I might suggest a good ad placement to reduce your Adsense CTR and keep your Google Adsense account safe, look below:

Huge banner in the sidebar (Maximum visibility)

Begining of post ads (For first impression)

Middle of post ads (Indepth action ad)

End of post ad (Final option ad though from studies have always suffered low CTR)

Equally I would recommend WPQUAD ad plugin for wordpress users.

And quite secondly;

Increase your traffic (Non targeted traffic)

If we are being certain here in this article, your traffic volume equally determines your Adsense CTR as a matter of fact.

Let’s say you always had a targeted traffic of quantity 500 daily with above 30 ad clicks to your Adsense ads, you will experience a CTR of around 4.5% or maybe 3%.

What if you were able to increase your traffic to 2,000 daily visitors (Non targeted visitors), that is an addition of 1,500 visitors and they are not always interested in ad clicks and even if they did it wouldn’t be more that 10 ad clicks, you will experience a CTR of less than 0.50% with the same click coming from your 500 daily targeted visitors.

This will potentially help to decrease your Google Adsense CTR in matter of minutes and also keep your account on a safe side.

Wrap up

I know these steps sound like easy considering it may be what you have always came around daily but I suppose you might not be too familiar with where and when to apply them in your website.

I have performed these detailed steps in several websites using Google Adsense to monetize and it worked 100% so this is the reason I wasn’t too afraid to bring it to your doorstep today.

If you have any further questions you might need to ask regarding how to decrease Google Adsense CTR, you can use my contact me page.

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