How To Protect Your Google Adsense Account From Permanent Ban


Note: In order to enable us write and explain in details about Google Adsense permanent ban on accounts, we will be writing a very long article to fully explain this.

You know, during the course of the years past, Google Adsense have developed several complicated alogrithims and rules which are not updated in their T&C (Terms and Conditions) and this is exactly why we are writing this article.

To every specification of the pro bloggers who use Adsense, there are always certain findings that might lead to Google Adsense permanent ban on accounts which are not embedded in Google Adsense rules.

Over half a decade now, we have been using Google Adsense to monetize our websites and as such we have gathered several useful informations about the said program with regards to permanent ban, suspension and equally the best way to earn good income from the platform.

We have written about how to make money with Google Adsense and Google Adsense suspension but never or written only a little on Google Adsense permanent ban and today, we are writing on certain reasons why your Google Adsense account will face permanent ban upon certain violations of the Google Adsense program policy.

We have developed and nutured the several actions by bloggers which leads to Google Adsense permanent ban on accounts and these understandings we are about to share is as a result of personal experiences and the problems we have solved for Adsense users over the years.

We are writing this to help bloggers know how best to protect their Google Adsense accounts from Permanent ban from google.

How to protect Google Adsense account from permanent ban

. Do not use two ad codes from different accounts in a single website

Using two ad codes from different Adsense accounts in a website isn’t a very nice idea as it is that one of the accounts will be recording clicks and the other, impressions.

This will result in a quick ban on your account considering everything will never be in the right order or event.

Imagine having 20 clicks on your ads without any impression or half of the impressions that can bring such clicks.

If Google Adsense found these data to be unmatched, they will quickly disable your account and suspect an illegal use.

. Do not generate ad codes in your account without using them (leaving them dormant)

Whenever an ad code is generated, it is assumed to be functional immediately.

In a situation whereby you left your Adsense ad that was generated to be domant, google might suspect a fraudlent activity and this might place your account on the danger of a permanent ban.

This have happened to me twice as an experimental examination I took so as to be sure.

. Use page level ads above mobile screen to avoid accidental clicks

Knowing fully that accidental clicks on ads can disable an Adsense account, why do you still place your ads (page level ads) below your website page for mobile users?

This can constitute accidental clicks and eventually your account might be permanently disabled or worst still your earnings might be deducted as a result of accidental clicks in your monthly finalized earnings.

. Do not place ads below ads

If you have an ad unit placed on your website, it is advised you have good number of contents before another ads appears in the website.

Placing ads below ads can cause Adsense permanent ban as it is a bad ad placement practice.

. Do not place too many ads in a website with little content (Best advised 2 ads per page)

Google Adsense frowns seriously on website owners who place too many ads in a single webpage with little or no content.

This is a violation that google takes very seriously so if I were you, I’d limit my ads to 2 ads per page.

. Always use Google Adsense supportive theme in your website

Some website themes are not Google Adsense supportive so when you applied for an Adsense account and you’re denied, then you hopefully bought one, have it in mind that if you place the Adsense ads on a website with non-supported theme, you stand a very good chance to face Google Adsense permanent ban.

Choose a good Adsense responsive theme from the genesis theme or the themeforest theme.

. Using WPQUAD for ad placement, give reasonable space between ads and content (say 10)

You wouldn’t want your ads to be fixed or wrapped under your texts or images, so I recommend WPQUAD. Plugin for perfect wordpress ad placement.

Using WPQUAD plugin, give your ad a space of 10 between images or website text content so you will know when your visitors intentionally clicks on your ads.

. Finally, do not send bot traffics to your website

I wouldn’t need to explain this as you know exactly what it already means by keeping Adsense ads traffic clean and legit.

Wrap up

These are new trends in Google Adsense account permanent ban as I experienced over the years but some of these do not appear on Google Adsense T&C but nonetheless, you will need to be very very familiar with them.

Google Adsense account protection isn’t about what you did but always about everything you did not do.

I will leave you to add yours if you ever experienced anyone that we didn’t mention here.

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