My Experience with Whogohost Web hosting service

Whogohost is a popular name when it comes to Nigerian web hosting, domain registration and data services because they have been around for so long. They offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, dedicated server, and domain registrations. The payment portal is quite easy to navigate and set up after payment is equally very fast.

However my experience with their web hosting packages left a bitter pill in my mouth and i had to google about them and equally discovered series of the same complains littered everywhere and yet it seems the company doesn’t really care. They spend huge amounts of money running paid ads on Facebook and google but fail to do the most important thing which is offering good services to retain customers.

Well as for their domain registration service, i can say it’s top notch. Till today all my domains are hosted with them but when it comes to shared hosting, it seems like they packed up thousands of websites inside one server which results in too many downtime and sluggish loading.

Yes i know shared hosting of course is for websites with low traffic but with whogohost even when your site has little or no traffic, it still would not load fast or fail to load at some point. Reporting such issue to support will only come with same response that things are fine at their end, check your plugins (for wordpress sites) or upgrade to a higher package which at the end, results to same experience.

so my advise to anyone trying to use whogohost is to only use them for domain registrations and look elsewhere for your webhosting.

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