Review (A Detailed Insight) Review (A Detailed Insight)

I suppose I am too old to be speaking of writing WAEC exams, Post-utme or Possibly Jamb as I am a final year student in one of the Nigerian Polytechnics but that nonetheless will not stop me from recommending my findings to the upcoming WAEC candidates.

I wished I saw this website ( before I took my WAEC exams, wrote jamb and sat for my post-utme, I could have done better than I did back in the day.

I have always looked out on the internet to find useful tips to help the jambites in Nigeria and also the secondary school students who are about writing their WAEC exams and those who failed in their first trial.

ALAS I did find something.

The review we are writing about here on strives to help three category of students in Nigeria which is basically:

The Secondary School To-Write-WAEC Students offers reliable and trustworthy WAEC past questions and answers in every subject and also every discipline (science and arts). 

While in secondary school as WAEC aspiring students, you might be looking here and there for help to write your WAEC exams and succeed without using any form of foreign material.

You have to believe with me that writing WAEC exam and succeeding in it isn’t a joke in any way.

It requires a lot of hard work and dedication that is if you want to pass your WAEC exam in a clean slate. 

Most times, you will not get everything you might need to prepare for your upcoming exams anywhere around you and even your school library might seem to be under equipped with readable materials for your consumption. 

This might get you disturbed and possibly throw you off balance. 

But not to worry.

What if we said we have you covered?

Here we have provided every solution your exam needs to be a success as it has been analyzed every possible WAEC questions you might think of and the ones you have seen.

Notwithstanding how complicated the questions are, provides you a detailed and comprehensive steps to solve the questions and accurate answers.

Good news is, you can still use as an outside WAEC writer as knowing certain things on your own can come in handy if by any chance you cannot or are not allowed to perform any malpractice in the exam hall. 

Knowing certain things yourself isn’t a sin is it?

So why not check out and give us a head up?

The Jambites (Those who are seeking to write Jamb) equally offers an opportunity for aspiring JAMB candidates to fetch reliable materials online in form of past questions and answers on every subject in every discipline (science and arts).

As a jambite, you can fetch yourself a reliable past question and answer from one reliable source (

Considering that Jamb can be quite messy sometimes by making sure you meet almost suprising questions in the hall so you will be pushed off balance and you will resort to guess work.

But that isn’t going to work out well for someone who really wanted to pass the exam.

What is we said we can provide you with repeated questions, expected questions and their reliable answers?

With seeing the possible Jamb questions and equally the repeated Jamb questions I hope you will not be too suprised to loose focus when you meet them in the exam hall?

Mind if we reminded you that even if you registered your Jamb exams with a special Jamb centre, we all know that sometimes if not every time what we think doesn’t always happen as some of the given answers are wrong.

I suppose knowing some of the correct answers off hand wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Visit to get started with your walk to helping yourself pass very very well in your Jamb exams.

The higher institution admission seekers (post-utme writers)

I have written post-utme exam so as to gain admission into the institution I am in now and as such I can tell you that post-utme exams are a second phase of huge suprise after Jamb exams.

Sometimes you get faced with questions you have never seen before, not even in Jamb or in any book have you seen them before.

post-utme is always taken quite seriously as it is a post exercise for successful Jamb students.

With you are rest assured that your post-utme exams will just walk through as if it were a cup of tea.

I am not trying to get your hopes high but I do certainly know what we do serve

So why not visit and get started?

In addition to the above explained, still offers a wide range of past questions on several other courses which include:

. Jamb CBT software (New Jamb pattern)

. Scholarship past questions in any field 

This detailed review of covers everything you will need to know about writing WAEC, Jamb and Post-utme as a Jambite in Nigeria.

Since we said that covers all three levels of primary educational levels (WAEC, Jamb and Post-utme) we wish to point you to the right section to purchase your desired exam copies from.

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