Simple Verifiable Steps To turn Your Online business, website/blog into a popular brand name without spending too much

Turning your website, blog, or online business into a popular brand without spending much money is something most bloggers, online influencers dream about but hardly discuss. Yes, maybe because it looks so difficult, but what if I tell you it isn’t so difficult but requires time and patience? 😊


So what’s branding??


Branding can be defined as  the process of giving meaning to specific product, business, organization, company, or services by doing something different or unique and shaping a label in consumers’ minds. so in other words, online branding is the ability to make our online business uniquely known for a particular product or services.

eg, Lindaikeji is a brand name known for Nigerian gossip stories & news, Nairaland is a brand name uniquely known for its large forum users and local topics, is a brand name known for it’s large collection of Nigerian stories, wattpad is also a name known for all sorts of online English books, dailymail and so many others


So then here comes the question, how do i turn my website or online business into a popular brand?



  1. Have a short or easy to remember name: Yes people tend to remember short or easy names quickly than  long unpronounceable names. To get people to always identify, search, find your business or come back easily, a very good short name is advisable. imagine telling people about your business or maybe by chance someone stumbled across your website online and decides to check it out the next day but couldn’t remember the name or the spelling because it’s very long or unpronounceable, of course you have lost the person.
  2. Be an expert in the field; Before tring to establish a brand please be very good at whatever service you are offering in order to retain your clients or fan base. Most popular brands today became very successful due to positive reviews from users and referrals. Every single vistor on your website or business has the ability to  bring in atleast two more people if your services are of great value (unique)
  3. Create awareness through social media: Social media these days are the backbone of a good number of businesses. Having a very active Facebook page is more than enough to build you a brand. So try your best to showcase your talent on facebook, youtube, twitter etc, market yourself, if possible, offer free services, discounts, promotions to get people talking about you. The more people are talking about you the more your brand and reach are spreading



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