The Best 5 Apps You Can Use For Free Audio and Video Calls

Here are some of the best free calling apps for communication with friends and family members:



1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp, a well known broad messaging application with a massive array of features, which goes beyond mere text communication by providing seamless calling capabilities both audio and video free of charge.

This  platform provides end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the utmost security and privacy for all conversations. In addition to facilitating instant messaging, WhatsApp offers high-quality voice and video calls, connecting individuals across the globe effortlessly.

Its intuitive interface, coupled with a vast user community, positions WhatsApp as a good option for anyone seeking the convenience and cost-effectiveness of free calling.

2. Skype
Skype, which really is one of the pioneers of free calling applications, has made its name in the annals of communication technology.



Popular for its longevity, this esteemed platform continues to enable users to engage in high-fidelity voice and video calls while also facilitating instant messaging for seamless conversations.

Skype’s versatility also extends beyond its core features, as it offers a wide range of affordable calling rates, enabling users to connect with non-Skype numbers effortlessly. As a result, Skype has solidified its status as a multifaceted and indispensable communication tool that stands the test of time.


3. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger, is a global messaging platform, which extends far beyond the realms of text conversations by providing immersive and cost-free voice and video calling.


Easily synchronizing with all your network of Facebook contacts, this ingenious application effortlessly facilitates connections with friends and family near and far.

Delighting its users with an array of delightful features, Messenger goes further by offering a plethora of filters and stickers, pushing a lovely feature into your communication experience and making each interaction all the more enjoyable and captivating.


4. Google Duo
Google Duo, is an elegant user-friendly application, which stands out as a new contender in the realm of free calling. With an unwavering emphasis on delivering exceptional video calling experiences, this platform excels in providing seamless and high-fidelity connections.


Google Duo allows users to effortlessly connect with their loved ones regardless of the device they use. The innovative “Knock Knock” feature allows recipients to preview the caller’s video feed before deciding to answer the call, adding an element of anticipation and personalization to each interaction. Google Duo emerges as an exemplary choice in the ever-evolving landscape of communication applications.


5. Viber
Viber, is a cool free calling application, designed to elevate your communication experience. With voice and video calling, messaging capabilities, and an array of delightful additions such as games and stickers, Viber meets all expectations. it also embraces end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your conversations remain secure and confidential.


With Viber Out, a remarkable new feature, users can make low-cost calls to non-Viber numbers, transcending boundaries and connecting individuals worldwide effortlessly.

Viber is provides a harmonious fusion of convenience, creativity, and cost-effectiveness in the realm of free calling applications.


6. Talkatone
Talkatone, is a cool app available to both Android and iOS users, it also provides unique  complimentary US phone number. This exclusive feature enables you to engage in seamless text messaging and place calls to a vast majority of US-based numbers, including landlines. With its array of capabilities, Talkatone stands as a calling app that deserves your attention, especially for users outside US. Talkatone extends its functionality beyond the borders of the United States, allowing you to utilize the app while traveling. However, it is important to note that foreign phone numbers are restricted from usage within the application.

With its seamless integration, Talkatone offers a comprehensive solution to your communication needs. By providing a free US phone number and enabling convenient calling options, it proves to be an exceptional choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile calling app.


7. Dingtone
Dingtone IS another remarkable APP among the top-tier free texting and calling applications. Within Dingtone, users can enjoy the freedom of sending unlimited free texts to a wide range of numbers, both locally within the United States and across international borders. Furthermore, Dingtone empowers users to make free calls to landlines through Wi-Fi connectivity, further expanding its versatile repertoire.

This exceptional app is very valuable for individuals seeking a secondary number for business purposes or requiring a private line distinct from the one their friends possess. With Dingtone, you can establish a separate identity and maintain a level of privacy that caters to your specific needs. With different cool features and innovative approach, Dingtone emerges as a robust and versatile tool for anyone seeking seamless texting and calling experiences.


8. Text Free
Pinger, a seasoned company known for developing free Wi-Fi calling apps, created Text Free, an exceptional app that sets itself apart from its counterparts. While sharing similarities with TextNow, there are notable distinctions that demand attention. Notably, Text Free distinguishes between free Wi-Fi-based app-to-app calls and inbound calls, which are offered without charge. However, if you wish to initiate outbound calls to regular phone numbers, a payment will be necessary.

The app allows users to earn minutes at no cost through activities such as watching videos and completing partner offers. Alternatively, for those who prefer a convenient solution, a package of 100 outbound minutes can be acquired for a mere $1.99, granting users the freedom to make calls to any destination across the globe.

Moreover, Text Free allows users the ability to choose a genuine US phone number, serving as an identifier to share with friends and family. With the aid of the custom number selector, users can handpick an area code and personalize their preferred combination of characters, adding a touch of uniqueness to their communication experience.



9. TextNow
TextNow  allows users residing in the United States or Canada to enjoy making unlimited free phone calls to any phone number within the boundaries of these two countries.

However, for international calls, a nominal fee is required. Nevertheless, TextNow gives an ingenious opportunity to earn international calling credits by completing various enticing offers, ensuring that users can expand their communication horizons effortlessly.

In addition to its unrivaled calling capabilities, TextNow offers other features for good user experience. These include voicemail transcripts, enabling you to effortlessly read and comprehend your voicemail messages. The inclusion of caller ID allows you to identify incoming calls and distinguish them with ease. For those seeking enhanced call management, TextNow also offers call forwarding functionality, that can redirect calls seamlessly to your desired destinations. TextNow also gifts users with free inbound number, providing a dedicated line of communication.

TextNow is available across all platforms. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, or prefer utilizing Windows or macOS, TextNow caters to your needs, ensuring that you can enjoy its remarkable features regardless of your preferred device.


Free calling apps have changed the way we communicate, making voice and video calls more easy,  accessible and affordable. With the abundance of options available, users can choose the app that best suits their needs, whether it’s for personal or professional use.

WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and Viber are among the top contenders, offering a range of features and seamless connectivity.

So, why spend too much money on phone calls when you can connect with your loved ones for free or less? Download one of these free calling apps today and enjoy a world of communication at your fingertips!

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